How It Works

PracticeFirst is a music learning application that gives you the tools you need to improve your skills. Our powerful AI provides immediate and intuitive practice feedback, assessing rhythm, pitch, intonation, and duration. The assessment rigor can be easily adjusted from "Easy" to "Hard," so that you're challenged but never frustrated. 

PracticeFirst assessment feedback window with highlighted annotation line

Immediate, intuitive practice feedback

With PracticeFirst, you can get an in-depth look at your music practice. We'll give you an overall score, and break it down into three individual scores for length, pitch, and rhythm. You can even see detailed annotations by hovering over the feedback line! Plus, our assessment rigor is adjustable from "easy" to "hard," or "simplified" or "full" feedback - no matter what level of detail you're looking for!

Audio and video recording 

Better understand your practice habits by capturing your practice session with the built-in audio and video recording features. When you've completed your exercise, you can follow along with your recording view your automated feedback alongside your performance. 

Laptop sitting on desk with musical instruments in the background. PracticeFirst video recording software feature is being displayed on the laptop screen.
"PracticeFirst helps students learn notes and rhythms at home, so that when they’re with their teachers, they can work on fundamentals and musicality. The nuts and bolts are already out of the way."
Hunter Lewis
Instrumental Music Director